For devolution to succeed, County assemblies budget resolutions must be respected.

Post Date: May 15, 2018

The statement “with or without” appears ambiguous, why because you can never be certain about your pick when applying it practically in instances where you have both as your choice. The Public Finance Management Act, 2012 mandates both the National and County Assemblies to deliberate on key budget documents and approve them with or without amendments. We must commend our assemblies and specifically the Budget and Appropriation Committees for deliberating on budgets and making amendments in instances where they feel would address a certain need. However, we ought to encourage when this is done it should be accompanied by clear reasons and justifications for the choices made. Our May brief speaks of Busia County as a case study and interrogates how the amendments made by the Budget and Appropriation Committee of Busia were taken into considerations. Read more on this below.

For Devolution to succeed , County assemblies budget resolutions must be respected- IPFK May Budget Brief 2018

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