– About Us

Who We Are

Public Financial Management (PFM) is the system by which financial resources are planned, directed and controlled to enable and influence the efficient and effective delivery of public service goals.

(CIPFA 2010: 5)

The Institute of Public Finance (IPF-Kenya) is a think tank based in Nairobi, and aspires to further the ideas of open public Finance Management systems through research, trainings and capacity strengthening. The IPF-Kenya is an independent, non-political and Non-religious entity.

The Institute of Public Finance is a coportate body registered, under the Companies Act as a company without share capital and limited by guarantee of its founding members.

IPF-KENYA is governed by a five member non-executive board of directors responsible for directing and overseeing the operations of the institute.

Our Believe

Strong public financial management (PFM) systems are essential for effective and sustainable resources management and public service delivery


An inclusive economy providing opportunities for participation to its citizen


To provide evidence based results that inform review of Public Finance policies at the national and county level


  • Promote public participation in the review of policies as a critical principle of public Finance Management

  • Strengthen the capacity of CSOs and citizens (Demand Side) and Government departments and agencies (Supply Side) on Public Finance engagement (Understanding budgetary legislation, budget analysis and Budget Tracking)

  • Enhance the institutional capacity to respond effectively and timely on issues relating to management of public Finance by generating new knowledge.

Core Values

These Core Values are our everyday guiding principles, they’re a standard that will guide us on how we think and determine our approach to those we interact with

  • People
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Innovation