KENYA: How a Shadow Budget Sheds Light on Spending

IPFKenya’s CEO and 2018-19 Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity, James Muraguri

At the heart of policy for equity lies public finance, and this conviction inspires the work of the Institute of Public Finance Kenya, an independent think-tank that advocates for just, responsible and responsive government budgets. James Muraguri, CEO and founder of IPF Kenya, believes that in the wake of the economic, health and social impact of the pandemic, lawmakers’ constitutional obligation to consult civil society on public finance is more important than ever. Here, he outlines why IPF Kenya and its partners have launched their first-ever Shadow Budget for the country. ” – Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity blog

These are the opening words that introduces IPF Kenya’s CEO , James Muraguri on the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity blog where he is also an alumnus fellow . You better grab a cup of coffee and indulge in his Q and A as he gets to demystify the objectives of the first Shadow Budget launched in Kenya in reference to spending. Read it here

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