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Immunization Advocacy Initiative Project

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The Immunization Advocacy Initiative project was implemented by IPFK funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates through Africa Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in Kenya, Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire.

In Kenya, the four strategic partners within the consortium include KEPRECON, Community Health Partners, Health NGOs Network (HENNET) and the Institute of Public Finance Kenya (IPFK).

IPFK takes strategic leadership in providing technical expertise for budget advocacy at the county and national level through the partner organizations. The project began in 2019 with an aim to achieve two broad outcomes;

  • The Ministry of Health forms a technical working group to develop a responsibility matrix for distribution of vaccines.
  • Ensure sustained increase in disbursement of the proportion of budget allocated to immunization at the National level, Kilifi and Narok counties.
The Immunization Advocacy Initiative Project Objectives
  1. Ensure policy makers gain knowledge and understanding on the need for domestic financing for immunization, become champions and place the issue on the agenda.
  2. Guarantee that policy makers, organized interest groups and media are aware of the IAI publications and research and use it to inform advocacy activities, policies and plans.
  3. Advocate for increased access to budget information, (gain knowledge and skills) and place pressure on decision makers to increase domestic financing on immunization.
Project Successes
  1. Trained over 120 champions in Kilifi and Narok on budget advocacy in order to increase voice and demand for service delivery in health and immunization.
  2. Increased allocation of the immunization budget in Narok from Ksh 15 million in the FY 2019/20 to Ksh 65 million in the FY 2021/22.
  3. Conducted a high level budget training for Narok County on the formulation of the budget in the Programme
    Based Budgeting format as required in the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.
  4. Held engagements with oversight institutions; National and County Assemblies of Narok and Kilifi on the budget allocation through written memos and face to face meetings.