Maryanne WanjikuAssistant Programme Officer


Ms. Maryanne Wanjiku works as a programme assistant at IPF-K and has three years’ experience working around Public Finance. She has Hands on experience in strengthening the capacity of citizens towards enhancing their ability to be part of government decision making process in the budgets both at the National and County level and as a result demand for improved service delivery. Ms. Wanjiku has a deeper understanding on social accountability work intended to help citizens hold their leaders more accountable for the promises they make around service delivery, ensure value for their money as well as shape their priorities for future engagements with the Governments. Currently, she is working with the private sector who are the major contributors of taxes collected by the county governments to ensure those taxes match the services provided to them. Ms. Wanjiku is also working on a project that seeks to enhance the awareness by the citizens on the Country’s debt accumulation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Marketing) and a certificate in Public Finance Management (IMF).

Her mantra is,If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO!’

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